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Make Your Biography On Top Biographies because India’s First & Fastest Growing Magzine News Website featuring all the Music Industry, Artist – Actor Biography, Bollywood, Hollywood & Tollywood celebrities.

If You Want To Publish Your Biography On Top Biographies Follow The Below Requirements.

That person should be an artist, singer, actor, comedian, music producer etc.

Remember you should provide correct information..

He has to authenticate his identity ( Government I’d Proof )

How To Add Your PROFILE ?

1. Have gained some fame in the field you or your client is in.

2. There should be interview information on some newspapers and popular website about you or your client.

3. If anyone is popular on social media, then they have to show the information of their social media account links and followers.

You can contact us through our official email ID or submit your queries on contact form.

Top Biographies charges you a nominal fee for writing content, which you can pay through any payment method.

Charges :

  • Indian citizen : INR 1200/article
  • Other countries citizens : USD 55/article

Article Publish Hand To Hand and wait for 24 Hours in Google indexing.

Very Fast Publishing, Updation, Indexing…..

What Is Biography Article ?

When we talk about biography article, then it means an article which contains information about someone’s life and achievements as well as some personal details like age, date of birth and other important facts about them like their name etc.


These articles are written by professional writers who have years of experience in writing these type of articles so they know how to write them properly and accordingly so that they can help others understand more about that person through his/her essays.


A biography article is a piece of writing that features a person’s life story, often in chronological order.


The article can be about a specific person, or it can cover someone who’s well-known. A biography article may also be called an autobiography or a life story.


Biography articles are useful for anyone interested in learning more about a person or event. They can provide information that cannot be found elsewhere, such as details about an event that occurred during the subject’s lifetime.


Biography articles also help readers learn how to interpret historical events and milestones in their own lives.


Who Need Biography Article ?

If you want to know how to get free biography article then you are at the right place. The best thing about writing a biography is that it helps you to learn about the history of that person.


These days, people are very much interested in learning about history. You will find many websites offering free biography articles for all kinds of people.


If you have any kind of interest in someone then it is good idea to write a biography on him/her. There are many benefits of writing a biography on someone but first let us understand what kind of information we can expect from an article written by us.


How To Get Free Biography Article?

There are several ways that you can get free biography articles for your blog:


– Find an expert in your field who has written about someone else before (or who has written about yourself in the past) and contact them directly through email or social media (they’re almost always willing to help!). They’ll send you some resources that


Biography article is a type of content that describes the life and achievements of a particular person. You can find biographical content in books, magazines, and newspapers.


The term “biography” comes from two Greek words: bios (life) and graphein (to write). A biography is written about someone who has lived or died. In the 17th century, writers began to use biographies to describe the lives of famous people.


Biographies can help you learn more about the world and its history by reading about famous people, who have done amazing things or experienced interesting events in their lives. They can also entertain you by telling interesting stories about famous people’s lives.

Terms & Conditions

• When creating a profile on The Wikiwiki, we can ask for a government ID for verification.

• Some fix prices have been set to create a profile on The Wikiwiki website which may have change with time.

• No obscene content and product will be promoted on the website.

• Websites help promote you but do not guarantee success.

• No bargaining will be processed during profile making.

• The amount you pay will be non-refundable.

• On updating your information on the website, you will have to pay an extra charge.

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